Natural Approach – Fuels and Drains

Fuels and Drains Video

Time to enter in your Fuels and Drains

In the table below you can see the current fuels and drains of others like you.

This is what Fuels your Natural Approach

Positivity, empowerment, results
Impacting - Sales performance always impacts directly to the hotel success in terms of Revenue and Reputation.
Working for Excellence - want to perform well, not just being recognized but to fulfill self esteem.
Family - Doing a good job to gain the job security. Get the job done effectively means we can get a good balance between work and home time.
Friendship - it could be another form of success even we are not winning the business but builing the trust with the client successfully.
Teamwork - being part of the happy team to motivate me to work everyday

This is what Drains your Natural Approach

What drains you?
Micro managing, politics, gossip
Work demands - limited time to do different tasks
Turnover - lack of experienced staff to cooperate and deliver good service.
Manpower - lack of manpower will affect teh service standard. once gave negative impression to guest, its hard to gain their support again.
People are hard to find - some of the cliens are hard to be reached, difficult to follow through and work closely with them.
What drains you?

Is something missing?  Add your own Fuels and Drains.