Work Naturally

Members focus on how differences in communication stem from different natural approaches. Members learn how to distinguish between the different natural approaches.

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20 Lessons

In this multi-layered membership course, members learn that differences in the approaches are actually natural differences in personality. Using color as a simple way to identify individuals and teams. By taking action week by week,  you will raise your self-awareness of how your natural approach impacts others. So you gain a greater appreciation for others, teams, leaders, departments, and even communicating with customers and family – even friends.

Through individual reflection, group forum discussions, storytelling, learning activities and real-life situations, you get to become aware of your own natural preferences and explore the natural inclinations of your colleagues. Teams working together develop a radically-improved awareness, a deeper appreciation for others, and a better clarity about how to benefit from diversity.

Entertaining and enlightening, the Work Naturally Series improves morale as teams address barriers to smooth communication that waste time and undermine unity. Members discover the secret to effective customer relations: talk so they will listen and listen so they will talk.

Course Materials

Introduction to Work Naturally

What is a Natural Gold Mine?

What is a Natural Blue Ocean?

What is a Natural Green Planet?

What is a Natural Orange Sky?

Identifying Gold Mines - What do you see?

Identifying Blue Oceans - What do you see?

Identifying Green Planets - What do you see?

Identifying Orange Skies - What do you see?

Identifying Gold Mines - What do you hear?

Identifying Blue Oceans- What do you hear?

Identifying Green Planets - What you Hear

Identifying Orange Skies - What you Hear

Identifying Green Planet - The Expert

Identifying Blue Ocean - The Chameleon

Identifying Orange Sky - The Race Driver

Identifying Gold Mine - The Righteous

Intro: What Do My Colors Mean?

Intro: What do you See?

Intro: What do you Hear?